OceanFOAM 2016

The OceanFOAM 2016 workshop is an informal gathering of professionals sharing an interest in the usage and development of OpenFOAM® as a CFD tool in the broad fields of ocean and coastal engineering. The workshop is jointly organised by DTU and THE ACADEMY by DHI in an effort to strengthen our collaboration and exploit that Professor Hrvoje Jasak – one of the principal developers of OpenFOAM® – is visiting our research cluster.

24 February 2016 from 9 to 16.

DTU Building 101, room S10 (ground floor)

The workshop is free and includes lunch and coffee.
To sign up write to jro@dhigroup.com no later than Monday 22 February.


9:00-9:30: Welcome and presentation round
9:30-10:15: Professor Hrvoje Jasak‘s 1st lecture: “Simulation of freak wave impact on obstacles using the Higher Order Spectrum” (slides)
10:15-10:30: Coffee
10:30-11:00: Amin Ghadirian and Henrik Bredmose: “Computations of focussed wave groups on piles” (slides)
11:00-11:30: David R. Fuhrman: “Numerical simulation of tsunami-induced scour around monopile foundations” (slides)
11:30-12:00: Danilo Tomaselli: “A coupled VOF-Eulerian multiphase CFD model to simulate breaking wave impacts on offshore structures” (slides)
12:00-12:45: Lunch
12:45-13:15: Bjarne Jensen: “Porous media and immersed boundary hybrid modelling for coastal structures” (slides)
13:15-13:45: Hao Chen: “Application of porous media model to fishing nets under current and wave condition” (slides)
13:45-14:15: Johan Roenby: “IsoAdvector: A new scheme for accurate interface advection” (slides)
14:15-14:30: Coffee
14:30-15:15: Professor Hrvoje Jasak‘s 2nd lecture: “Report on sea-keeping and added resistance Naval Hydro Pack benchmark at Tokyo 2015 CFD Workshop” (slides)
15:15-16:00: Discussion session

See program from the OceanFOAM 2015 workshop here.

The Danish Council for Independent Research via the Sapere Aude postdoc grant “Breaking the code of breaking waves” (Grant-ID: DFF – 1337-00118B – FTP).
The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation via the GTS grant to DHI.

This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.